5 ways Powered by ARCHIPELAGO help hotels to step up their online game

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John Flood, President and CEO, Archipelago Hotels

Many hotels lack the resources (teams, tools, systems and expertise) to accelerate their online business, and end up falling behind their competitors. Without a proper system in place, this gets worse over time, while opportunities are missed.

Hotel distribution is rapidly changing and technology plays a big part of it. Independently-owned and managed hotels struggle to level the playing field against big brands and hotel groups. But if anyone has done it, John Flood did. During his 18 years with Archipelago, he took over and grew the brand from 800 rooms to over 22,000.

During the pandemic when everything is shut down and no business is coming in, John, the visionary that he is, cooked up something that will help smaller hotels battle against the giants. The recent health crisis highlighted the disparity between the players in the hospitality industry. Taking his over 30 years of experience, John came up with a hospitality technology that aims to give independent hotels a fighting chance to compete with the big brands.

Here are five ways how Powered by ARCHIPELAGO helps independent hotels in stepping up their online game.

A whole suite of hospitality software

Powered by ARCHIPELAGO comes with a set of hospitality software that facilitates hotel’s reservation and administrative tasks. The technological solution includes a channel manager, a booking engine, a rate shopping tool, and more. Moreover, the Archipelago team will train someone on how to best utilise the technology.

Acquiring and setting up all of these software would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. What is priceless is the years of knowledge and experience imparted by the ARCHIPELAGO team.

“It is like when you buy a car, you need someone to drive it. No matter how great your car is, if you don’t know how to drive it, it’s just useless,” says John Flood, president and CEO of Archipelago International.

Maximise revenue

Powered by ARCHIPELAGO helps hotels maximise their revenue, especially in areas that are either underutilised or taken for granted. The technology helps hotels identify new channels and source markets and adjust the rates based on the demand.

And just like any other property management system, it updates the hotel’s inventory and centralises the distribution.

Ramp up distribution

Speaking of distribution, some hotels do not maximise the power of their booking engines as well as the marketing potential of OTAs. Powered by ARCHIPELAGO optimises hotel’s distribution strategy to be more effective and efficient on all distribution platforms.

The hotel will immediately be connected to Archipelago’s network and will gain global visibility. It also gives independent hotels access to Archipelago’s powerful digital footprint backed up by 10 brands, more than 200 hotels globally and four million loyal members.

Improve connectivity

What sets the most efficient hotels apart from the rest is their ability to leverage connectivity to improve online distribution, workforce efficiency, and strategy development. Unfortunately, some hotels undermine or underutilise connectivity. Powered by ARCHIPELAGO will audit, fix, and help improve your connectivity to more than 30,000 distribution channels.

Archipelago Hotels have mastered using connectivity as an income-generating machine by gaining important insights and focused strategic solutions for their hotels, resulting in efficiencies, and increased revenue.

Improve customer service

Lastly, automating the distribution process enables hotels to focus on other things such as improving guest satisfaction scores. This will work like a domino effect. If the guests are happy, the higher the chance they will be repeat customers.

Powered by ARCHIPELAGO is a suite of tools that hotels did not know they needed. “What we offer is more than the technology, we also offer the knowledge and expertise as hoteliers,” Flood said in a nutshell.

The post 5 ways Powered by ARCHIPELAGO help hotels to step up their online game appeared first on Travel Daily.