AFTA welcomes “Come and Say G’Day” Global Campaign

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The “Come and Say G’Day” global campaign is a critical investment in rebuilding Australia’s visitor economy, reviving Australia’s Tourism industry, and, by default, bringing much needed impetus to our outbound Travel Sector. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) welcomes Tourism Australia’s first global campaign since 2016 and looks forward to the domino benefits for domestic travel professionals as a result of an expected uplift in airline capacity and flight frequency.

Dean Long, CEO AFTA said: “Tourism Australia’s new global campaign Come and Say G’Day with its focus on Australia’s key tourism markets, a tagline with proven success which builds on Paul Hogan’s invite in the 1980s is already getting great coverage in international media.” “Our ATAS agents, wholesalers and tour operators are ready to engage with this new campaign providing activation for this incredible brand campaign.”

“More tourists coming into Australia is great news for our Visitor Economy and means more airline seats being filled and greater demand for flight capacity and frequency. For Australians looking to travel and for our member travel agents, travel management companies, tour operators, wholesalers, consolidators and cruise lines that’s very welcome news indeed.”

“Travel (ie outbound) is actually one of Australia’s largest imports, with pre-COVID direct contribution to GDP in 2018/19 of USD 61.1 Billion so any measures to boost recovery are most welcome.” “We’ve already seen the global power of animated Aussie characters with Bluey and Ruby the Roo looks like she’s off to a flying start!”

The post AFTA welcomes “Come and Say G’Day” Global Campaign appeared first on Travel Daily.