simplies and speeds up the processing of entering Thailand for tourists

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Entering Thailand has  never been easier since the COVID-19 pandem ic. Now that the Test & Go and sandbox  programs have been revamped, the country is  more than ready to reopen and welcome tourists  from around the world. As a result, this website  ( was launched to help anxious travelers  out. It acts as a one-stop shop for them to get the  Test & Go package with the Thailand Pass, as  well as a hotel booking engine with over 600  Alternative Quarantine, SHA++, and Sandbox  hotels across the country on the list. 


International travelers planning a trip to Thailand  might have been thrilled just to hear about the  Thai government’s lifting of some travel restric tions and quarantine requirements in March  2022. However, the Test & Go package, which  includes the Thailand Pass and a one-night hotel  quarantine, is still required, which can be incon venient and stressful for many people. While  applying for the Thailand Pass on the official  website is complicated enough, preparing to  submit all the necessary documents to the  system can be even trickier. Among the many  problems is that getting the hotel booking  confirmed, or even collecting other trip details  together, especially when using multiple  platforms, is likely to be a lengthy process, and it  may cause a delay in everything. 


With this reliable one-stop service platform, any  of those problems can be prevented.  has partnered with over 600 hotel accommoda tions that comply with Thailand’s new travel  restrictions and it has already processed more  than 500,000,000 THB worth of transactions.  Tourists who use can also benefit from a  variety of advantages, such as receiving a confir mation email and booking confirmation letter  instantly from their chosen hotel and having their  trip details and all relevant documents collected  in a secure and accessible location. This means  they can apply for their Thailand Pass immediate ly after booking, without having to worry about  being delayed or rejected.



CHOOSE ONE OF THAILAND ENTRY OPTIONS – Test & Go / AQ Hotels / Sandbox Hotels 




Our platform provides advanced quick filtering based on multiple areas. We currently have the largest selection of Test & Go packages, as well as AQ packages. Guests can “Bookmark” a room, and complete the checkout at a later time. 




We directly promote all of our Direct Payment Partner hotels over all other options. Guests are able to obtain Booking Confirmation letters instantly. The hotels are also given 

access to all required documents so that they can review/approve in the back-office hotel PSAS system.




We issue the Booking Confirmation email + letter which your hotel will be CCed on. The booking will also appear on our bookings extranet / backoffice system. and all hotel partners also join forces with Ksher, a leading payment gateway certified by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand, to ensure secure payment collection and confirmation for all transactions on the website.


About is a TAT-licensed online travel agency (License 11/10602). Apart from standard OTA services, it is one of the few companies that provides full-service/VIP options for applying for the Thailand Pass. Tens of thousands of travellers worldwide have already chosen to use the company’s platform and professional team to assist them with entering Thailand amid the COVID-19 situation.


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The post simplies and speeds up the processing of entering Thailand for tourists appeared first on Travel Daily.