CT Partners adds TripActions as its newest member

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CT Partners has finished the year on a high, with the announcement that TripActions has joined the CT Partners network this month. TripActions is the all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution, providing thousands of customers around the globe with unprecedented visibility and control over spend.

TripActions most recent valuation of USD9.2 billion, and its recent  $300M funding, has accelerated global expansion with more than 3,000 employees across 60 global offices, including a team of more than 70 in Australia. TripActions acquired longstanding CT Partners member, Reed & Mackay, in May 2021.

CT Partners is the largest and most influential independently owned travel buying network in Australia and comprises 30 of the largest independent corporate travel management firms and premium leisure agencies.

Tim Gibson, GM of TripActions, APAC

“One of TripActions’ core tenets is being laser-focussed on our end users,” says Tim Gibson, GM of TripActions, APAC.  “Joining forces with CT Partners will help enhance TripActions’ Australia-based airfare pricing options, further improving our already robust air shopping experience.” CT Partners CEO Matt Masson, commented, “We’re delighted to have a business as innovative and successful as TripActions join CT Partners.

We have a strong culture built around integrity and close collaboration that delivers tangible benefits to both our members and our preferred supplier partners. TripActions is an excellent fit with our culture, and we look forward to further enabling their growth in Australia.”

“Our purpose is to ensure our members thrive and exceed in their individual business goals through tapping into our market leading buying power and industry leading expertise, with each member an equal shareholder and having an equal say in the future direction of our network.”

“The success of our members is synonymous with our success, so we remain committed to continuing to nurture their businesses and turning their strategic goals into commercial results. We do this by continuing to cement our reputation as a trusted and respected partner of choice for our customers, suppliers and those valued industry partners we choose to work with.” TripActions officially joined CT Partners from December 1, 2022.



The post CT Partners adds TripActions as its newest member appeared first on Travel Daily.