Four Seasons Resort Hoi An (The Nam Hai) names Marcel Oostenbrink as general manager

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Arriving from the sultry shores of Seychelles, Marcel Oostenbrink brings a breath of fresh air and a wealth of luxury resort expertise to Vietnam’s cultural heartland.

Recently appointed as General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Hoi An (The Nam Hai) Marcel is excited for the new chapter that is set to unfold at the picturesque beachfront property.

“The hospitality landscape has evolved greatly over the past two years, and travellers are more eager than ever to explore, discover and immerse. With Vietnam’s borders now reopen, The Nam Hai is ready to welcome guests with rich, unique experiences they will remember for a lifetime,” he says, noting that the Resort is ideally positioned as a portal to three extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage sites – along with offering unfettered access to the country’s most celebrated beach.

Born on the charmed island of St. Lucia and raised in the Netherlands, Marcel decided early to follow in his father’s footsteps and build a career in the world of luxury hospitality. After completing a degree in hospitality management from Hotelschool The Hague, he cut his teeth at premier hotels in Amsterdam, Dubai and Trinidad and Tobago, before going on to earn an MBA from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

He then spent several years with a luxury hotel chain across key destinations like the Maldives, Seychelles and UAE, with his talent and diligence rapidly propelling him up the ladder from Food and Beverage Manager to Resort Manager. Along the way, he spent four wonderful months in Vietnam as part of a task force – “I’ve been wanting to come back and work here ever since!”

In 2014, Marcel joined the Four Seasons family, starting out at the brand’s resort in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, followed by a task-force assignment in Mauritius, before returning to Seychelles where he was promoted to General Manager in 2018. During his tenure at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, he led a comprehensive soft refurbishment of the property and firmly established it as a top destination for discerning global travellers.

Through all these years, the sheen of life as a hotelier has never dulled for Marcel. If anything, it has only become brighter: “Each day feels brand-new and brings its own rewards – from witnessing simple acts of kindness among fellow colleagues, to deepening my own knowledge of hospitality to further delight guests. The most inspiring part of my job is being able to support my team to learn, grow and expand their capacities.”

Now, in his current role, Marcel is excited to elevate the already-renowned Resort to new heights. “What makes The Nam Hai incredibly special is the team’s genuine warmth and care, which can be felt by guests throughout their stay,” he explains. “Our cultural curators also take great pride in designing immersive itineraries to connect travellers with the authentic spirit of Vietnam.”

Marcel has made the move to Vietnam with his wife and three sons, all of whom are thrilled to once again make their home by the ocean and discover the country’s vibrant traditions. “Vietnam offers so many cultural perspectives for us to learn from. We look forward to exploring its beautiful flora and fauna, rich heritage and intriguing history – not to mention the fantastic local food,” he says with a smile.

The post Four Seasons Resort Hoi An (The Nam Hai) names Marcel Oostenbrink as general manager appeared first on Travel Daily.