Love To Travel? Here Are 5 Careers That Foster Adventurous Spirits

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Everyone dreams of a career that complements their personal preferences and helps them reach life goals. That’s why all the travel-hungry souls out there should keep their eyes and ears open for adventurous career opportunities. There are hundreds of options out there! Here are just a few to consider.


Tour Guide

Becoming a guide may seem a little obvious, but there’s a lot of demand for knowledgeable, fun, and professional tour guides. Experienced local guides are a pillar of the international travel experience. It’s a great career for those who want a change of scenery, enjoy meeting new people, and want to share their passion with others.


Maritime and Transport

Ships may not be quite as important as they were a few centuries ago, but they are still an essential part of global commerce. Every ship needs deckhands and officers to crew their crafts as they traverse the seas and oceans. This kind of work can be demanding and may require substantial lifestyle changes, so it’s not always a viable choice for new couples or parents. Driving jobs are also a great way to earn a living and enjoy travel at the same time, particularly for truckers who travel longer or alternating routes. This is a wonderful way to see the country and make money while you do it!



Photo, video, and written journalism are one of the most travel-oriented careers out there. Travel opportunities depend on the publication, niche, and writing style, but plenty of people make their living scouring the planet for interesting stories. A myriad of new online media outlets offers plenty of opportunities for journalists who can’t find demand for their niche in traditional print or TV media.



The world of influencers has exploded over the last decade to become a dominating force on new and social media. Travel, food, and destination influencers have a lot to gain from incorporating real travel into their presentation. Helping viewers genuinely explore and experience travel destinations can be a powerful way to make a real impact on your audience.


Military Specialists

Joining the military means facing a lot of challenges and not always having control over your destiny. However, it’s also a major employer that has many different career options to offer motivated people who have the drive and interest to pursue them. Many types of military specialties involve travel and new experiences, which is perfect for people who are starving for adventure.

Don’t let your love for travel go to waste. It gets harder to enjoy these experiences the longer you wait, so don’t let daily monotony keep you from adventure. Take a look at the many career options out there that would let you get more out of life and build a new career at the same time.

The post Love To Travel? Here Are 5 Careers That Foster Adventurous Spirits appeared first on Travel Daily.