MSC Celebrates the Launch of its Newest Cruise Ship in New York

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MSC Cruises has increased its emphasis on the New York and American cruise markets with the launch of its newest ship, the MSC Seascape. Founded 30 years ago, the cruise line has 21 ships and is working on two more.

The MSC Seascape, the largest cruise ship built in Italy and her sister ship, the MSC Seaview, is the final of four cruise ships built for MSC by Fincantieri. Fincantieri’s innovative design maximises indoor and outdoor space for both passengers and crew and boosts the ship’s earnings potential and popularity. With this design, the ship’s main engine rooms are moved to the ship’s centre of gravity, improving the vessel’s stability and hydrodynamics.

The MSC Seascape and the Seaside Evo Class sister ship are 1,112 feet long, making them around 11% longer than the previous class ships, which were launched in 2017 and 2018. With a combined passenger capacity of 2,270, the ships have a gross tonnage of 170,412. The MSC Yacht Club, located aboard the MSC Seaside and boasting 131 suites, is the largest private suite enclave on any MSC cruise ship, and it can accommodate a  maximum of 5,877 passengers.

Announcing the move, MSC Cruises USA President Ruben Rodriguez stated, “We have ambitious growth plans in the U.S., and New York City plays a crucial part in that expansion.” He reveals that in April 2023, the MSC Meraviglia will begin the company’s first-ever year-round voyages out of New York. Starting in the 2023–2024 winter season, MSC will deploy three additional ships to North America, making it the largest deployment in MSC’s history. The MSC Seascape will be based out of Miami all year round. The cruise company boasts that it is virtually tripling its capacity in the U.S. market.

The cruise ship MSC Seascape arrived in New York on 5 December, and a formal naming ceremony was held on 7 December. To realise the dream of business founder Captain Gianluigi Aponte to leave the planet in better shape for his children and grandchildren, they highlighted the environmental and charitable efforts of the MSC Foundation. They made a big deal out of their global charity activities, including the announcement that they will donate $236,000 to the GreenThumb Program and the Junior Ambassador Program at New York City Parks.

Mateo Bocelli, an Italian singing sensation, performed that night while the cruise ship’s officers paraded in uniform. Famous actress and godmother of all MSC cruise ships, Sophia Loren, appeared by video to bless the ship, and Alexa Aponte Vago opened the champagne bottle.

The MSC Seascape offers its guests a wide variety of services, including eleven different dining options and twenty different bars and lounges. Six swimming pools and 140,000 square feet of outdoor deck area, including promenades stretching 1,772 feet in length and a glass walkway perched 16 stories above the water, are also featured on the ship. Passengers may enjoy a variety of entertainment options, including a water park, a sports arena, interactive and virtual reality games, and a brand-new roller coaster powered by a robotic arm that, according to MSC, provides a “unique thrill experience” over 175 feet above the ocean.

Both environmentally friendly and technologically innovative, the cruise ship is the best of its kind. The corporation brags about its energy-saving innovations, such as scrubbers for pollution, waste-handling equipment, heat recovery systems, hull-painting techniques, and trim optimisation devices. Additionally, it is equipped with cutting-edge wastewater treatment facilities for switching to other fuels like methanol.

The MSC Seascape, built by Fincantieri, set sail on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic on 16 November and arrived in New York on 21 November. On 11 December began her maiden voyage out of Miami.

The post MSC Celebrates the Launch of its Newest Cruise Ship in New York appeared first on Travel Daily.